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Seasonal Hikes

Customized hikes to meet your dog's needs!

For dogs that are more high energy and enjoy getting out and exploring this is the option for you! Our hikes are roughly two hours sometimes a little longer depending on transportation. We provide transportation, water, treats and a great photo shoot at the top to send to you! We pick a local mountain, normally in the Belknap Mountain Range, or we can take them on a nearby trail (rail trail, WOW & Winni trail & other local trails). Being in New Hampshire we HIGHLY recommend your pet to be on a tick preventive for our hikes. Our hikes are done on leash, if your dog hikes with us often we can later discuss long lines and off leash options. Water bowls at home will be freshened, feeding and medications if needed can also be provided back at home. Our hikes are normally only offered April-November with weather permitting. If it is a nice day during the off season and your dog has a longer coat contact us and we can discuss off season hiking options. 


$90 for local mountains/walking trails for about 2 hours. If your dog is more experienced and higher energy, contact us and we can discuss longer hiking options. Longer hikes will be subject to availability. 


If it is a hot summer day, we may suggest rescheduling for a cooler day or start earlier in the day to avoid any overheating for the dogs.

Cancellations: ANY cancellation or rescheduling made for ANY service with exception to overnight care, should be given a 48  hour notice prior to scheduled appointment. Any cancellation or rescheduling made the day prior will be subject to a $15 fee. Any cancellation made the day of visit will be charged the full rate.

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