The Buddies

Dog Walks & Drop-in Visits

All of our visits are customized to meet your dog's needs!

We understand that every dog is different. This is why YOU get to customize your pet’s visit! Our visits are either 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. That time can be spent either walking the majority of the time or a potty let out and rest of the time playing inside or outside in a fenced area. Or sitting inside getting belly rubs & cuddles! All of our visits include a let out, check for messes, photo updates, fresh water bowl exchange and treats. Feeding and medication can also be included if required at no extra cost! If you would like us to collect mail, bring in packages that are outside and bring in trash bins on trash days we will gladly do so at no additional charge!

Our open/office hours are from 8am-6pm. We still offer services outside of these hours, these rates will be reflected as “after hours” which is any booking between the hours of 6pm-8am.

15 Minute Visit

$18 | per visit

$28 | after hour rate

30 Minute Visit

$25 | per visit

$35 | after hour rate

1 Hour Visit

$45 | per visit

$55 | after hour rate

2 Hour Visit

$80 | per visit

Service not available after hours

Cancellations: ANY cancellation or rescheduling made for ANY service with exception to overnight care, should be given a 48  hour notice prior to scheduled appointment. Any cancellation or rescheduling made the day prior will be subject to a $15 fee. Any cancellation made the day of visit will be charged the full rate.

Ready to schedule a walk?

Have a dog that needs a little more exercise? We offer seasonal hikes - and you can even pick the trail!